Semi Flexible 6181Y

Key Applications:

This cable is intended for use to connect the mains feed to consumer units. 

Features And Benefits

Easier Installation

Fitting 25 mm2 meter tails into the consumer unit main switch has often been problematic due to the rigid nature of the cable.Standard meter tails utilise 7 copper wire strands to make up the conductor. Prysmian now incorporates a 19 wire strand for this new 25 mm² 6181Y cable design,  offering greater flexibility. This new design still meets the requirements of BS 6004 for the cable, but makes the cable easier to handle, route through consumer units and fix to surfaces. These new flexible tails are the same weight and have the same dimensions as the regular 7 wire strand cable.

Safety Considerations

Electrical Safety First and BEAMA has issued a document called “Guidance for installers when making connections in consumer units” in which they have described the following as best practice: 

“During research carried out by Electrical Safety First, it was shown that the use of 19 stranded meter tails gave a more reliable connection than more conventional (7 stranded) tails. Accordingly, the use of 19 stranded cable is recommended. The same research also showed that flattening the strands of the conductor prior to terminating resulted in a more reliable connection. It is essential that flattening using, for example, pliers should therefore be carried out.” 




The 19 wire strand conductor design is supplied in 25 mm2 with either a blue sheath and blue insulation or a brown sheath and brown insulation. It is supplied on 50 metre reels. 

Meter Tail packs

1 metre. Meter Tail pack contains
• 1 m 16 mm2 7 wire strand 6491X green/yellow
• 1 m 25 mm2 19 wire strand 6181Y blue/blue
• 1 m 25 mm2 19 wire strand 6181Y brown/brown

3 metre. Meter tail pack contains
• 3 m 16 mm2 7 wire strand 6491X green/yellow
• 3 m 25 mm2 19 wire strand 6181Y blue/blue
• 3 m 25 mm2 19 wire strand 6181Y brown/brown

Data sheet to follow

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