Prysmian LSX ® range of cables has been developed to address the specific needs of modern building services for small power and lighting circuits. These include applications for installation installed in thin walls and partitions.

Prysmian LSX ® is robust in design but light in weight allowing it to be used in many instances where traditionally a smaller conductor but bulky armoured cable would be installed, often with showing total cost savings.

The dressable construction offers a combination of pliable rigidity and ease of bending making it ideal during first fix installation.

Prysmian LSX ® keeps its shape helping the installer to route cables for new or retrofit projects.

Key Applications

Prysmian LSX ® wiring cables are designed for power and lighting applications where a screened low smoke halogen free cable is required such as:

IET Wiring Regulations compliant cable for installation in thin walls and partitions (clause 522.6 of 18th Edition)

Lightweight replacement for armoured cable in cases where high level mechanical protection is not needed

Suitable alternative to 6242B and 6243B cables – LSX has a full phase size CPC

Fully screened cable aids EMC compliance and clean power supply

Robust alternative to surface mounted flat wiring cable

Reduced flame propagation, low smoke and zero halogen performance - ideal as a general wiring cable solution for public buildings 


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Prysmian LSX ® cable construction


Plain annealed stranded copper (class 2) conductor complying with BS EN 60228


90°C cross linked XLPE insulation complying with BS 7655 Type GP8


Laminated aluminium tape screen bonded to sheath and in contact with full phase size, tinned, annealed copper circuit protective conductor for 2,3 & 4 core cables

Core Identification

2 core - brown-blue

3 core brown-black-grey

4 core blue-brown-black-grey


Robust thermoplastic LSOH sheath. Colour - White. Other colours are available to special order


Prysmian LSX ® cables are manufactured under our ISO 9001 Quality System certified by BASEC and additionally BASEC Approved to BS 8436


Prysmian LSX ® Key features

Easy to strip, terminate and gland

Easy to install for surface clipped, tray and basket installations, giving reduced installation costs

A robust screen that meets the nail penetration test given in BS 8436

70°C operating and 250°C short circuit temperature

Full phase size CPC across the whole size range of cables

Provides excellent resistance to ignition by flame and also flame spread.

Produces very low levels of smoke and virtually no acidic gases in a fire

Dressable - retains its shape when installed   


Key benefits

● BASEC approved for full size range of BS 8436 (1.5mm2 to 4.0mm2)

● Suitable for use in thin walls and partitions in compliance with clause 522.6 of

the 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations

● Full 360° aluminium screen aids EMC compliance

● Low smoke emissions to BS EN 61034-2

● Acidic gas emission to BS EN 60754-1

● Reduced flame propagation to BS EN 60332-1-2

● CPR classification XXXXXX



Prysmian LSX ® screened wiring cables comply with BS 8436 for 1.5mm2 to 4.0mm2


Cable characteristics

Installation methods for current rating in accordance with BS 7671/IET Wiring Regulations.

The tabulated ratings are based upon a 30°C ambient temperature and 70°C operating temperature. For other ambient temperatures or where cables are grouped together, the appropriate rating factors should be applied.

These cables when connected to suitably rated equipment are capable of being operated at a conductor temperature of 90°C. If current ratings are required, please use CableApp or

Cables installed in floors, ceilings, thin walls and partitions

When implementing clause 522.6 the requirements of BS 8436 should be taken into account, in particular the selection of protective devices. Only Type B circuit breakers conforming to BS EN 60898 or Type B RCBOs conforming to BS EN 61009-12 should be used with any BS 8436 cable. Breakers shall also have a maximum let-through energy (I²t) not greater than 42000 A²s for 1.5mm² cable and 60000 A²s for 2.5mm² cables.

For 1.5mm² cable the largest rated circuit breaker that shall be used is 20 amps and may be lower depending on how the cable is used and installed.

For 2.5mm² cable the largest rated circuit breaker that shall be used is 32 amps and may be lower depending on how the cable is used and installed.



● Minimum recommended installation temperature 0°C

● Automatic earthing of the screen is achieved by termination of circuit protective conductor

● Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations in suitably protected environments

● For external exposure white sheathed cable is recommended

● Should be installed in accordance with BS 7671/IET Wiring Regulations or other appropriate regulations

● Suitable for surface wiring, direct burial in plaster, tray or other installations


Cables Installed in Thin Walls and Partitions

Prysmian LSX ® contains an earthed metallic screen, which is in contact with a full size, un-insulated circuit protective conductor.

This provides an earth fault path for the fault current if the cable is penetrated by a nail (or similar conductive metallic object), and when connected to a suitably selected protective device offers electrical protection by this connection of the circuit.

Installation note: Prysmian LSX ® cable combined with a suitable protective device provides a means of compliance with clause 522.6 of BS 7671. Prysmian LSX ® cable meets the requirements of BS 8436 (1.5mm2 to 4.0mm2).



Total Installed Costs of Prysmian LSX ® vs SWA Cable

Prysmian LSX ® is lightweight and compact in design, allowing cost savings to be made by the selection of smaller, lighter cable fixings, supports and cable tray or basket.

Prysmian LSX ® is also quick to install and easily stripped, reducing the first and second fix termination times when compared with small size SWA cable

Simple NYLON/LSOH glands may be used.

Installation note: A neat finish can be quickly and easily achieved. Prysmian LSX ® is ideal for clipping direct to the metal frame structure of a prefabricated fast track building.


Prysmian LSX ® Applications Guide


EMC and Clean Power Supply

Prysmian LSX ® has a full 360° metal screen, aiding EMC compliance throughout the run of the cable. The full 360° metal screen makes it ideally suited for clean power supply use. This means Prysmian LSX ® cables can be grouped with limited cross talk between cables

Small Power - Ring Main & Radial circuit designs utilising optimum circuit breaker range.

Prysmian LSX ® has 90°C rated insulated conductors which may provide for higher current ratings and improved design options – contact us for 90°C current ratings

Lighting – Gas discharge, incandescent & fluorescent light sources

Prysmian LSX ® is the ideal choice for high start-up current lighting solutions for all office, retail, industrial and domestic applications.

Fixed Applications

Air conditioning, fans, compressors, heaters and hand dryers.

Installation note: All cables include an un-insulated CPC equal in size to the phase conductor and in contact with the full 360° aluminium screen, which provides automatic screen earthing.


Public Access Buildings

Prysmian LSX ® offers a pronounced effect on safety and a dramatic reduction in risk with its low fire hazard construction and performance.

Prysmian LSX ® is part a comprehensive range of Low Fire Hazard cables and has reduced flame propagation properties which offers significant benefits over PVC cables in the event of fire, preventing the spread of flames from throughout a building.


Other Applications

● Point of sales equipment

● Ring mains power

● Clean Rooms

● Compressor supplies

● Stadium floodlights

● Fan motor supplies

● Air conditioning systems

● Temporary wiring requirements

● Ventilation systems

● Hospitals



● Prysmian LSX ® cables can be obtained from all reputable UK wholesalers or Prysmian agents.  We also hold stocks at our factory for immediate dispatch.

● The standard colour for Prysmian LSX ® is white.  Other colours can be supplied, such as black or purple to meet specific needs. A minimum order quantity will apply.

● Cable is supplied in full 100 metre reel lengths.  Longer lengths can be made to special order. 

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