Bishopstoke is a 46 acre site which opened in 1967, it is Prysmian’s nearest plant geographically to the original factory in Southampton. Right in the middle of this manufacturing centre are the headquarters for the UK operation, proud to be situated in the commercial heart of the Company. Bishopstoke is now the home of FP products and the world renowned fire test laboratory.


There has been a cable factory in Aberdare since 1935. Today the plant has around 175 employees and is operational 24/7. The Aberdare factory manufactures and distributes building wires for the general construction market throughout the UK and Ireland.


The Wrexham factory manufactures power cables ranging from 132kV high voltage cables all the way down to 1kV cables that run underneath the roads to supply power to homes.  From 2006 Wrexham’s output has also included network components including glands and cleats.

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