Prysmian Professionals: Mark Aspden talks CableApp

16 November 2020

Lanlec Electrical Contractors are based in East Lancashire and has been conducting residential and commercial electrical installations in the North West for 14 years.

Cables are a big part of the job and Mark has found an efficient way of choosing and recommending cables after discovering Prysmian’s CableApp. Cable App is specially designed for electrical professionals on the go, providing them with the best cable solutions across a wide range of products including buried steel wired armoured cable (SWA). As an approved electrician, Mark has found it to be extremely beneficial.  

“I've used cable apps in the past and they were very basic,” he says. “A lot of the time, you'd look at some of the results and think ‘well that's not right’, and not bother any further. But about six months ago, I saw Prysmian’s Cable App and thought, based on the company’s great reputation, ‘I'll give that a go.’ The information it gave me was really good! It was concise and easy to use.”

As well as calculating project essential ratings, a handy feature of Cable App is the inclusion of energy and CO2 savings; something which Mark had not previously considered.

“The part of the app that I really like is that after you have found the product you want; you can print the data sheets off directly. It also brings in something that I hadn't factored in up until now and that is if you upsize that cable, it may cost a little bit more for customers, but it will tell you their vital reduction in carbon usage.

“It also tells our customers how much they will save in pounds per year through the use of this cable or that cable. We sometimes run into resistance trying to work with people on tight budgets when we try to upsize a cable, because all they usually consider is price. However, if you are able to provide them with an official document that says, ‘this is what you could use, but if you use this, it might cost you a bit more in the first instance but it will save you a similar amount every year after installation,’ then that becomes a no brainer to them.”

What’s been the reaction to CableApp?

“I have many subcontractors working for me, and they have all been very curious about it. Many are either downloading it straight away or have asked for the link.

“It's proven handy when I’m in the office and I've got guys on site; instead of them trying to give me some information on what they need, they can now just email me the datasheet PDF from the app and I have no trouble finding exactly what they need quickly.

The use of digital tools has increased exponentially in this industry, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic, but is Mark tempted to further digitalise his way of working?

“In this day and age, you can't get away without using technology. For me, if it makes my job easier, faster or more efficient, I'll use it.”

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