Prycharge Electrical Vehicle Charging Cables: Demonstrating the future.

22 April 2021

Prycharge Electrical Vehicle Charging Cables: Demonstrating the future.

Continuous growth in the number of electric vehicles in the UK and beyond means that there could be more than 50 million electric vehicles in use by the year 2040, and could make up to 31% of all cars on the road globally.[1]

The outlook is even brighter for electric buses, as it was also recently reported that they are expected to make up 67% of all buses on the road by 2040. The percentage of mopeds and motorcycles could also be up to 47% electric by that year.[2]

This demonstrates a pressing and increasing need for charging stations that are easy to find, fast to charge, readily accessible and reliable for both public and domestic use.

Prysmian Group are continuously developing innovative solutions for the evolving world we live and work in. The latest innovation to come from Prysmian Group in Germany is Prycharge Electric Vehicle (EV) charging cables.

Prycharge EV cables have been developed on the basis that when electric vehicles on the road finally outnumber traditionally powered vehicles, this will be a permanent change which will require strong and long-lasting infrastructure to be in place.

Created with the end user in mind, Prycharge cables are designed to bring a reliable, lasting solution to the need for electric vehicle charging that will become the norm.

Boasting flexibility above the ordinary, they are supremely user friendly and easy to handle, thanks to a new generation of optimized materials that have also allowed Prycharge to become even lighter and more sustainable.

Installation and handling is possible at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius. Its cross-linked control core increases the cables resistance to mechanical impact, prolonging its longevity and durability in even the toughest environments. Finally, it’s compatible with all commercial and residential charging applications and any type of electric vehicle.

Born from the experience and expertise of Prysmian Group, the global leader in the cable industry, Prycharge cables are the latest facet in working toward the common goal of zero emission transport and mobility.

Prycharge has so far launched in Germany, while the UK EV market is still developing. Learn more about Prycharge here:

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