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What do electricians think about a wireless future?

12 February 2020

A wireless future and the need for top quality products, a professional electrician expresses his views of the industry

Guy Tayler, an experienced electrician and founder of GT Electrics, has taken the time to talk to us about his views on the industry, and his opinions on what makes a quality cable.  

With a combined experience of over 40 years within the electrical industry, GT Electrics is ideally placed to cater for all residential and commercial electrical requirements. With such a depth of industry experience, Guy is well positioned to give a reliable insight about the cable market.

What type of cables do you mainly deal with?

I work with mainly twin and earth cables. Officially referred to as 6242Y cables. I use them for domestic work.

Why do you use Prysmian cables?

In the past, I have used cables that were provided to me by other suppliers. I would get Prysmian cables, but also cables from Draka and a lot of cables from abroad. Imported cables were typically of poor quality in comparison to Prysmian branded cables. Prysmian cables are better quality because they are pliable, their outer sheath is smoother and they have a consistent colour. Other poor-quality cables can rip, are brittle and do not have consistent colour. Prysmian cables are made to a certain standard and are consistent, that’s why we like them.

We also value that Prysmian cables are made in the UK. They might cost more than cables shipped from abroad, but I would happily pay more for a better-quality cable that performs every time. I think people at the beginning of their careers can sometimes look for the cheapest option, but you soon realise with experience that you end up losing money, because poor-quality cables break, and you have to replace them frequently. Paying more for good quality cable is a sensible investment. Not to mention, Prysmian gives job opportunities to people within the UK, investing in the future of manufacturing which will be a benefit to electricians and manufacturers.

What do you think the biggest changes will be in the industry in 5/10 years’ time?

I think it will be a matter of controlling and managing energy. In a couple of years, I believe there will be new remote-control systems, and more accessible life changing technology like we’ve seen with electric vehicles.

We hear a lot about a “wireless future”, how do you think this will affect electricians?

This will simply mean for us electricians that there will be more work. It’s a positive, because this will mean more opportunities. I think electricians will benefit from it.

What are the biggest challenges facing electricians right now?

The fact that we have to be adaptable. We cannot be left behind and we always have to look for the next step. We need to work together with cable companies and other manufacturers and suppliers to work out how to overcome these challenges. We can only do that with open lines of communication and by listening and looking out for one another.

Finally, do you have any upcoming projects you are excited about?

We have many interesting projects but one that is coming in the future is the refurbishment at Westminster Chapel, Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6BS (NOT Westminster Abbey) which is a facelift for the internal and external front of the church and will involve a complete redesign of all the lighting and services, and therefore cabling.

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