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Who has to take action to comply with the CPR?

The CPR became a legal requirement from 1 st July 2017 under UK Statutory Instrument no 1387.

This puts mandatory obligations onto the entity who  first places the product onto the market and subsequently, anybody in the supply chain.

This means the Manufacturer of the cable, the Importer of cable manufactured outside of the EU and any distributor or wholesaler in the supply chain must meet their legal obligations.

Here is a selection of some of the key mandatory obligations. Reference should be made to the CPR regulations to ensure full compliance.

The Manufacturer

Under the CPR the manufacturer must:

The Importer

Any company that imports cable from outside of the EU must:

In this case Compliance is the obligation of the importer not the exporting manufacturer

The Distributor or Wholesaler

A distributor is somebody in the supply chain who sells on cable already placed on the market. They must:

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