British manufacturing, world leading quality

04 March 2021

British manufacturing, world leading quality

Prysmian cable is proudly manufactured in the UK and tested to British standards, guaranteeing the promise of quality to our customers worldwide.

For possibly more years than was strictly necessary, many have wondered what the implications of Brexit could be for the construction industry. 

Major concerns have centred on how it might have affected standards and regulations, the import and export of goods and materials, and the skills shortage. 

Now that Brexit has officially happened, many are still waiting for the dust to settle to see how the changes will manifest in the day to day. 

Prysmian cable is proudly manufactured in the UK, to always meet and exceed standards. Our factories design and produce electric cable for all building types locally, guaranteeing all our Prysmian Professionals consistency of supply for now and the future. Demonstrating this, as essential business, all our UK factories have been consistently and reliably working throughout all government enforced lockdowns relating to the ongoing pandemic, receiving a steady supply of materials, and supplying cable all over the country.

John Evans, UK Operations Director at Prysmian says: “Product availability from Prysmian has been protected throughout 2020 and the start of 2021 by sound forward planning on raw material availability, mitigating port delays resulting from Brexit. Alongside this, there have been strong and quick COVID19 management protocols put in place, underpinning our zero harm philosophy within manufacturing.”

When any electrical professional chooses Prysmian cable, they can rest assured that it is guaranteed to be compliant and of the highest quality, as we ensure it is produced and tested to British Standards, passing on the promise of quality to all our customers.

Being a Prysmian Professional is supporting a whole community

Prysmian employs over 1100 people in the UK, including local factory workers, local sales people, local suppliers—all connected by a network of local contacts.

It’s been this way for well over 100 years—continuously investing in the skills and knowledge of local people—as we believe this will be of more impactful benefit to the industry over time, and we’ve big plans to continue.

For years, Prysmian has sought to invest in the future of cable and the wider construction industry by also offering internship and apprentice opportunities and sponsoring electrical training initiatives, to help bridge the skills shortage the industry is facing.

Thank-you for using Prysmian cables in your installations: you are supporting this wider community and ensuring it can continue to supply the UK with world leading quality cables for years to come.

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