How could the electric car market change the work of electricians?

08 March 2019

with Prysmian’s Simon Hopkins

With Prysmian’s Simon Hopkins:
The electrical industry is booming. New technologies are rapidly emerging and as they do, they demand industry changes and inspire new learning and thinking. This also means that standards and regulations must be assessed often to ensure they keep up with the pace of these industry developments.

The electric car market is one such technology engine and industry driver.

It has been reported that electric vehicles could represent 40% of car sales and 30% of the global car populace in just 20 years. Along the same lines, a new report by the European Association of Electrical Contractors sets out that up to 1.2 million jobs will be created in the electrical industry, if the passenger car market goes fully electric, by 2050. These jobs would largely be related to the design, installation, operation and maintenance of a comprehensive and secure network of charging points and battery supply and service right back to efficient electricity generation.[1]

New Electrical Skillsets

So, over a million electrical professionals may be required to learn a whole new car-related skillset. How will this shift the career and training focus of current electrical apprentices, over the next 10-20 years?

Looking beyond training, a shift towards electric vehicles would be a positive step towards greener, more energy efficient transport overall, and a shift away from fossil fuels in favour of grid electricity.

Electricity Infrastructure

A huge factor, this would mean a whole new network of opportunities for electrical professionals to work towards enabling our electricity infrastructure to become more efficient and increase its power generation capabilities, to be able to meet the challenges that would come with millions of people using electric vehicles across the UK.

This is a development that likely would not have been predicted 50 years ago, but here it is; what could be next?


[1] Sparks Magazine, Winter 2019, Industry News, p4.

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