Electrical Professionals Visit Aberdare for the Second Prysmian Factory Tour

02 November 2018

We held the second tour of our cable factory in Aberdare, South Wales, this month, and it was bigger and better than ever.

This time round, 13 electrical professionals travelled to Aberdare for a sunny 10am start. After a coffee and a safety brief, the tour kicked off, led by Prysmian Engineering Manager Mike Nash and Quality Manager Martin Durber.

The aim of our tours is to give our invaluable Prysmian Professionals from-the-source insights into how our cable is made, from beginning to the final quality check, and importantly, show that our products are still made in Britain.

This is something we’re extremely proud of. Prysmian is not only the largest cable manufacturer in the world, it also continues its commitment to manufacturing in the UK.

Easy Communication

Thanks to some trusty walkie talkie headsets, Mike was able to keep everyone together rather than splitting the tour into smaller groups. With easy communication channels and plenty of opportunities to ask questions, the professionals were able to clearly follow Mike’s insights and explanations. Everything was covered from the origins of Prysmian, to how the current cable making process works.

All cables made by Prysmian at Aberdare begin with a copper conductor, drawn and stranded to the correct size to make the copper conductor we see in the finished cable. This is then guided through extruders, where it is insulated, typically with PVC. Along every stage of the process, cables are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the performance specification. After cutting, packaging and the final all-important CPR label is attached, reels are grouped into orders and sent out for distribution.

Simon Hopkins, Marketing Manager at Prysmian commented: “We were delighted to hold this second factory tour at Aberdare. Professional electricians are key to the safe and compliant wiring of our homes and businesses; their views and experiences are invaluable for us to improve all aspects of our cable, and to make them the best they can be.

“We are going to keep running factory tours; electrical professionals wishing to come along next time should stay tuned to our social media for updates!”

See what went on in the photo gallery below, and look out for more.

factory tour image 1factory tour image 2factory tour image 3factory tour image 4factory tour image 5factory tour image 6factory tour image 7factory tour image 8factory tour image 9
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