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Insudite for Performance

12 August 2019

Insudite is the name of the rugged composite insulation developed by Prysmian for its FP range of fire-resistant cables. It has been formulated to provide the best combination of fire resistance, electrical performance and strength to survive the harsh environment of an active building site.

Damage Resistant

Insudite is tough, durable and highly damage resistant, making it ideal for all installations, but in particular those where there is the potential for third party damage to the cable after first fix. For example, fire alarm cables above suspended ceilings or in congested cable risers.

Insudite’s hard skin ensures that Prysmian’s FP fire resistant cables have significantly greater resistance to damage when compared to the soft silicone insulation commonly used.

Insudite vs Silicone

As silicone is soft, it can be prone to damage during and after installation, so care needs to be taken while unreeling and following first fix to prevent weakening the insulation and potentially causing faults throughout its service life.

Ultimately, any damage to the insulation will diminish the reliability of an installation and may well delay a projects handover. By choosing a more robust insulation, installers can reduce delays associated with fault finding, commissioning and rework.

Insudite insulation is used in Prysmian’s ‘standard’ FP200 Gold cable and its ‘enhanced’ FP PLUS.

The table below shows the performance of Insudite compares to silicone-only insulation.

Test Criteria

Standard Silicone

FP Gold and FP Plus Insudite

Insudite improvement

Impact (impact resistance to BS2G230)

5N at 250mm

5N at 500mm



(at ambient BS2G2G330)

75 cycles to failure

4750 cycles to failure






Saw Through

(Modified BS2G230)

1 cycle at 2.5N

5 cycles at 2.5N


Cut Through blunt object




Cut through sharp object




For more information about fire resistant cables visit our FP Cables website.

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