Construction sites are no place for cables with weak, fragile insulation

19 June 2019

It will come as no surprise to specifiers and installers of fire alarms and emergency lighting systems, to hear that after first fix, fire resistant cables can be exposed to accidental damage. This happens both during and after installation, either by those installing the cable or by other tradespeople working around the installation site.

High Risk

It's a risk that is particularly high when these cables have been installed, for example, in a congested service riser, crowded ceiling void or cramped plantroom.

Some manufacturers use soft silicone insulation to insulate their fire-resistant cables. While this is permitted by the cable standards, it can be can be easily damaged during and after installation, and may mean that additional care is needed while unreeling, during installation, following first-fix and throughout the cable’s service life.


Alternatively, installers could opt to fit cables insulated with Insudite - an innovative, tough, highly durable and damage resistant insulation that is unique to the Prysmian FP range.

Tests for abrasion, susceptibility to puncture, resistance to cut-through and damage from blunt impact all show that cables with a hard skin of Insudite insulation have significantly greater damage resistance than those with just a soft silicone skin.

Fire Resistant Cable

Prysmian's FP200 Gold and Prysmian's FP PLUS fire resistant cables are both insulated in a hard, protective Insudite skin.

FP200 Gold is a 'standard' fire resistant cable, as defined by fire alarm and emergency lighting British Standards, and the original alternative to mineral insulated cable. It is a tough, durable and dressable essential systems cable that is easy to install and terminate.

FP PLUS is the 'enhanced' fire-resistant cable and the ideal choice for fire detection and evacuation systems in hospitals and life-safety, fire-fighting circuits in large and complex buildings.

Insudite helps to preserve the longevity of the cable as well as safeguarding against accidental damage which could result in false emergency alarms.

So, don't go weak and fragile, go tough and durable. Find out more about the benefits of Insudite and Prysmian's FP range of fire resistant cables.

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