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Low Smoke Cable

Afumex is the Prysmian  range of low smoke zero halogen, flame retardant cables designed to provide the power and control for electrical services throughout public buildings.

Prysmian's Afumex Cables are:

Today’s world of the modern, intelligent and complex building demands the highest performance from its electrical cable and systems. Systems that can enhance the experience for occupants and maximise lettable space for the client.

At the same time local authority regulators and emergency service providers demand the building performs in the event of fire. This means that electrical design, installation and commissioning engineers must provide electrical systems and use materials that can eliminate the hazard and reduce the risks caused by fire. The solution is Afumex by Prysmian, it is flame retardant, low smoke and zero halogen.


6491B Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable

6242B Flame Retardant Cable

BS6724 Zero Halogen Cable

Afumex LSX

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