NEW Cable App from Prysmian

21 May 2019

Prysmian, the world’s largest cable manufacturer, has released Cable App, its pocket toolkit for electrical professionals.

Electrical Professionals

Cable App has been designed for electrical professionals on the go. From installers on site to electrical engineers in the office,Cable App helps users to get the best cable solution for their next project and installation. 

Unlike other apps, Cable App accurately calculates and determines solutions across a wide range of products, including buried SWA.

Simon Hopkins of Prysmian UK, commented: “We are very excited to be able to introduce Cable App to the UK. Cable App is a professional tool and the new best friend for not only electricians but all electrical professionals.

“First released in Spain and the Netherlands, the success of Cable App combined with feedback from our professional community, identified a clear need for its release in the UK. After years of hard work, we’re proud of this first version, and look forward to the rest of this journey.”

Project Essentials

“Cable App accurately calculates project essential ratings but what’s new is the inclusion of energy and CO2 savings through the consideration of alternative conductor sizes, all in line with the recommendations in the 18th Edition.”

Users of Cable app will notice that technical documentation is comprehensively illustrated with photographs and imagery, and direct links to product datasheets are offered for ease and convenience.

While a full capacity tool for those in the industry, additional features include news and videos related to the world of electrical professionals, consultants and engineers.

Download Cable App for iOS here and for Android here. Choose the UK versions to get 18th edition compatibility.

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