Prysmian's medium voltage power cables BASEC approved

15 June 2020

Prysmian's medium voltage power cables have been accredited by the British Approvals Service for Cables (BASEC) as meeting the requirements of BS 6622 and BS 7835.

The cables' third-party accreditation will give designers and installers of a wide range of power distribution networks additional assurance in the quality and safety of Prysmian Medium Voltage (MV) power cable from 6.6 kV right up to 33 kV.

The accreditation covers Prysmian's MV cables with XLPE insulation and PVC sheaths manufactured to British Standard BS 6622, and Prysmian's MV power cables with a low smoke zero halogen extruded outer sheath (LSOH), manufactured to British Standard BS 7835.

British Standard Cables

These British Standard cables are available from Prysmian with stranded copper or aluminium conductors, XLPE with either bonded or strippable screens, copper taped, as single core with aluminium wire armour or three-core with galvanised steel wire armour.

The company has been manufacturing cables in Britain for all voltages for over 100 years and MV cable at its Wrexham factory since it opened over 50 years ago. The cable's accreditation by BASEC after over five decades of production serves to highlight the quality and performance inherent in Prysmian cable from the outset.

"Certification by BASEC, is confirmation that Prysmian has led the way in cable technology and quality for many years," says Martin Boorman, Prysmian's National Sales Manager. "Engineers and network owners can now have even more confidence in our UK manufactured MV cables," he adds.


BASEC is an independent certification body for the cable industry. It is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service to provide certification to National, European and International cable product standards. The tests were undertaken in BASEC's dedicated UK testing laboratory, or were witnessed by BASEC engineers, to certify the MV power cable's conformity to the British Standards.

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