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We’re making improvements to our packaging

16 July 2018

We recently were joined by a party of Prysmian Professionals at our factory in Aberdare, where one particular recurring question came up once again: what are we doing to improve our packaging?

This is a topic that has generated much debate recently, and we have learned a lot from speaking to electricians and wholesalers, taken note of everything we see on social media.

As those who visited our factory will understand, big changes take time to implement to the best possible standard, and at Prysmian, we always want to uphold the best standards.

But the good news is, we have started the process of improvement and taken the first step to making our packaging better for the environment and more durable.

We are now using 'S-flute' grade cardboard in our packaging. Previous to this, our packaging featured only 'B-flute' cardboard. This upgrade has allowed us to streamline the packaging and achieve a sturdy solution that will leave a smaller impact on the environment.

Our next step is to improve the flange material to make the actual drum sturdier for you. New flange materials are already being tested.

The new packaging is getting rolled out to stockists straight away; you’ll be able to recognise it by its new look. 

Simon Hopkins of Prysmian UK commented: “This is the first step in a process we are going to get right. The Prysmian Professionals community are an invaluable source of ideas and support, and their experience gives us confidence that we will achieve great things.”

Prysmian offer the best in cable to Britain, made in Britain. As one of the last cable manufacturers in the UK, Prysmian are well placed to understand the demands and expectations of electrical trade and wider market in the UK, and we are excited to extend this and start a process that will bring you the packaging you need, that reflects the quality of the product you have chosen.

Because quality begins at home.

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