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05 March 2021

Prysmian Precise Engineering: Developing standards and improving safety in buildings

When it comes to specifying or installing cables, choosing cables that have been fully tested and are fully compliant with British Standards and the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) is the surest way to satisfy your client.

Substandard cables may work for a while, if installed by accident, but they have no guarantee of safety and, crucially, will not be compliant with the CPR.

All Prysmian cables are designed and manufactured to meet British Standards, guaranteeing optimum performance that will stand the test of time. Our team of world leading cable experts sits on safety standard boards across the globe, leading the battle to constantly develop cable for a safer, more efficient future.

All relevant products supplied by Prysmian also have CE and UKCA certification to the CPR. The CPR covers any cable put on the market for incorporation, in a permanent manner, in construction works, which includes building and civil engineering works, and covers cable in terms of reaction to fire.

Innovations by Prysmian

Using their years of experience and expertise, our engineers work towards improving standards, help develop fire strategy procedures and produce safer, more robust products for safer buildings.

Products include Prysmian’s Insudite – a rugged composite insulation used in Prysmian’s FP range of fire-resistant cables.

Insudite is tough, durable and highly damage resistant, making FP the ideal choice for installations where there could be potential for third party damage to the cable after first fix.

This hardwearing insulation ensures that installations which may be more exposed to the risk of damage are more protected against it when fitted with Prysmian’s FP cables, which have significantly greater resistance to damage compared to cables that use the common soft silicone, in applications where there is an increased damage risk.

Prysmian has also launched the Bicon range of lightweight, easy to install, low voltage link boxes.

Link boxes help to minimise the number of power supply interruptions to businesses and households. They provide flexibility to the underground low voltage electricity supply network by enabling circuits to be switched to route around problems. Prysmian’s range of link boxes can be jointed directly onto polymeric and paper insulated LV distribution cables, eliminating the need for intermediate lengths of polymeric cables and straight/ transition joints, and have a reduced footprint, which makes installation under congested pavements much easier.  

Cable testing is also a big part of what we do. At our Bishopstoke site, which is a centre of excellence within Prysmian Group world-wide, we have world leading fire testing and high voltage testing facilities. We also help develop materials and products for Prysmian factories throughout the world.

It is not only necessary but vital for Prysmian to work in collaboration with the wider construction industry to develop these standards, procedures and products to ensure a safer world for us all. What we develop is more than just cable. Prysmian strives for world leading standards of engineering that will contribute to safer buildings all over the world.

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