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Prysmian Professionals: Jon Miles

08 May 2018

In the latest of our Prysmian Professionals blogs, we talk to Jon Miles about today’s customers, reliability and how it pays to be versatile…

Apex Electrical has been offering reliable electrical services across the domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors for a decade.

Managing Director Jon Miles, who founded the company just after the recession of 2007, has built the company on an ethos of reliability, versatility and a drive to ensure they offer the best in both service and product, whoever the client.

“We have 8 staff in total, plus a broad spectrum of electrical engineers,” he told us in a brief interview, “Some of us are specialists in domestic installations, others are more versed in industrial work and industrial maintenance. As a combined workforce, we are very proud to say we have a very well-rounded skillset. Simply put, we do everything.”

This has meant that Apex Electrical has needed a brand of products that can also be relied on through every sector: “We will only ever use Prysmian cables in all of our installs,” Jon enthuses, “Prysmian is a market leader for a reason, and has everything we need! We use Prysmian cables day-to-day. We couldn’t do without them, whatever the sector!”

He expands: “We rely on high quality materials… Prysmian has a proven track record and is well known in the trade for high standards and commitment to quality. This, nothing can beat.”

This has been especially important for Apex Electrical since its founding. As Jon explains, when the company was started in late 2007, there was a wide preoccupation with the balance of cost and quality: “In some ways nothing has changed!” he says, “But, I think due to the shock of the recession, over the last 10 years generally people have become more educated about value for money and what is actually a job well done. That early preoccupation with cost has made both customers and tradesmen a lot savvier about what they are getting, and delivering, service and product wise.

“Now, customers are very good at recognising what’s good. They are keen to hire a tradesman from a reputable, reliable company who will definitely use the best cable, rather than that friend of a friend, or scarily, trying it themselves!

“It’s also made sure we have grown as a company, from the very beginning, driven to deliver the best!”

And the best, to Apex, is Prysmian, for its history, and diversity in manufacturing a huge range of cable. This spans from the ever-relied upon twin and earth cable to steel wire armoured (SWA) and fire-proof cables, which Apex Electrical has successfully installed in many diverse jobs from modern football grounds to churches with period features.

Jon comments: “We will always rely on Prysmian’s twin and earth cable, of course, as well as their SWA in both PVC and low smoke zero halogen.”

He also brings to our attention that sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference in the life of an electrician. Jon recalls: “The way the twin and earth is presented on the reel is something I just love! It seems to be the best drum for running off during the installation process.”

Apex Electrical are supplied by Edmundson Electrical in Hereford.

Find out more about Apex Electrical here:

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