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Prysmian Professionals: Why We Choose Prysmian

23 May 2018

“Why We Choose Prysmian Cable”

Prysmian cables are made to meet the needs of those who use them, and to be safe, reliable and easy to install for electrical professionals.

These are the top reasons why professionals use Prysmian- as told by the professionals themselves…


One of the most often declared factors that sets apart good cable from the rest: it’s ability to strip easily, saving you time and ensuring a neat and professional installation.  

William Smith of W S Smith Electrical Contractors says: “Prysmian cables are made in such a way that it’s easy to strip back the insulation from the copper with ease, allowing easy removal of other sheathing before connection.

“Unbranded cable usually falls short of meeting the standards we set, fighting to separate the insulation from the copper. With unbranded cable, there can be a lack of chalk that can make things ten times harder.”

Graham Anslow from Anslow Electrical also comments: “The main way Prysmian out- performs all others is how easy the cable can be stripped and second fixed. Due to the ease of how it strips, the cables make jobs quicker and more profitable. It’s a no-brainer to use it.”

Made in Britain

Prysmian manufactures all of its products in Britain and has been doing so since 1914. It is the longest running cable manufacturer in the UK. This makes a big difference to so many Prysmian Professionals…

William Smith says: “I use Prysmian cables not only to support one of the last few remaining UK manufacturers of cable, but to also to help maintain higher standards within the electrical industry more generally… Prysmian is a standard-setting company and while you will find cheaper cable elsewhere, it is usually of inferior quality. I would never want to run the risk of leaving potentially dangerous electrical systems due to unreliable cable.”

Maintaining an understanding of demands and expectations for UK buildings is something Prysmian can do a lot better from home ground. Whether this is CPR compliance or wiring regulations relating to the built environment, Prysmian have a leading reputation for performance in quality and safety.

Colour definition between cables

Colour definition is something that may not necessarily affect the performance of the cable. However, faded or indistinct coloured cores should be a concern and may be a sign of low quality manufacture.

This was observed by electrician William Smith who says: “In unbranded cables, it is noticeable that there can be very poor colour definition between cores. This can make a job more time consuming and it’s so frustrating.”

Prysmian Engineering Development Manager Andy Wynn explains: “Cable cores are rarely seen until second fix, so it might be tempting for some cable manufacturers to put less design and manufacture effort into making the colours easily distinguishable. It’s a detail that makes a difference to our professionals.”

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