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Prysmian Professionals: Wyn Edwards Electrical

16 November 2018

Britain’s electrical and wider engineering industry is in the middle of a contradictory challenge.

While the sector at large is booming economically, a lack of interest from young people who either decide against entering the industry, or abandon it while training, has raised concerns. Each is an underpinning issue behind the perceived electrical skills shortage in the UK, but beginning and never completing training is perhaps worse, as investments are made on both sides, the industry and the student, that never come into fruition.

Why do young people lose interest or fail to become inspired by the electrical industry in this way?

We spoke to a man on the ground, electrical professional and respected business owner Wyn Edwards, about why he thinks it’s electrical training that needs to make this industry spark.

“I’ve been an electrician for most of my career, with the exception of some years in the middle dedicated to the armed forces,” Wyn explains. “The last four years, however, have been devoted to bringing North Wales, and often much further afield, the best in electrical services, with my family business, Wyn Edwards Electrical.”

Wyn was inspired by the world of electrics from a young age. He recalls to us his fascination with his grandad’s electrical work as a child. “I became qualified straight out of school,” he explains “following in my grandad’s footsteps, with all the qualifications I knew I needed to be successful.”

“From the year 2000, I spent a good few years studying and gaining experience. Since then, I have made efforts to keep up with industry changes like the updates in the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, and new skills requirements by doing add on courses.”

Real-world Experience

In the middle of a skills shortage, it is noticeable that the time it takes to become qualified is becoming shorter. While the syllabus often remains the same, courses are completed in record time and students often finish, qualified, but wondering what to do next, as they have limited real-world experience.

“My advice to anyone starting out, or even returning to the industry is that if you have an interest, don’t do everything as fast as possible. Take the time to get experience as well, to feel more confident and become better overall. It’s also a lot more inspiring that way, and you feel you’ve achieved more,” says Wyn.

“I finally started Wyn Edwards Electrical to continue my family’s legacy of working in this industry and be recognisable as someone who takes immense pride in their work.”

“We want to build lasting relationships with our customers, therefore we make sure that absolutely every installation carried out is safe and compliant- which means all our training must be completely up to date, and we use quality products.”

“There’s also always something unexpected, which you only ever learn on the job. This is why we’ve always used Prysmian cable,” Wyn expands.

“Prysmian is recognised in the industry as top quality, and a sign that the electrician is a real professional, in that they are bringing a brand which is set apart by the reassurance it offers. Practically, it’s also very easy to strip, it pulls right out of the box on the reel, and it’s easy to get from wholesalers. It’s also made in Wales, which is something I personally appreciate!”

Wyn Edwards Electrical is based in Rhyl but Wyn often travels to London and the North to complete installations. He’s looking forward to a busy Christmas, working alongside his wife Amy.

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