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Prysmian Professionals: Thomas Whitford

01 May 2018

For our latest instalment to our Prysmian Professionals blog, we spoke to Thomas Whitford, Director at T.W Electrical, about the importance of reputation in the electrical trade.

A relationship of trust between electrician and customer is the only thing that can ensure happy customers and repeat business. Therefore, representing quality in the electrical trade is absolutely paramount.

This is the belief of Thomas Whitford, Director at T.W Electrical, and why he is passionate about Prysmian cables in particular, especially in the social media age.

Faced with increased competition and the ease of nearly instantaneous online reviewing hanging over today’s business owners like cyber watchdogs, every business is under more pressure than ever to deliver the absolute best quality, or face scrutiny.

“Reputation is the life blood of T.W. Electrical, as it surely is for all small businesses such as ourselves,” Thomas told us in a brief interview, “We do our very best to stick to brands we know and have complete confidence in. That’s why we have always used Prysmian products, so we can be totally sure we’re providing a reputable and reliable service, using the best products.”

He continues that, “Our social media is our main platform where we can connect with valued customers. It has helped us win jobs, where the customer has been able to view our work and get an idea of the fantastic quality and finish we provide.

“I've never had a call back about any Prysmian product and that reinforces our reputation both on and offline, and of course speaks very highly of Prysmian too.”

In particular, Thomas loves the reliability of Prysmian’s twin and earth cables, an electrician’s staple, as well as their armoured cables and glands, as “I've never had a call back yet due to a seal breaking.”

These glands can be used outside in all weathers, something Thomas notes other brands struggle with: “Other brands just don't measure up. Their seals deteriorate far too quickly causing faults within the installation, which means a call back for us.”

He concludes: “You can’t beat a known brand with a great reputation. We would have their name on our vans, we use Prysmian so much!”

From this, it can be argued that any business, large or small, should not have to worry about the cyber world too much, as what it really all boils down to is simple delivery of good service, and use of good products.

Thomas also adds that a knowledgeable retailer is extremely important: “We exclusively use Edmundson Electrical in Leighton Buzzard and The Electric Centre in Bedford for our materials. They know what they’re talking about.”

T.W Electrical work across the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors mainly in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, though hope to expand as they are now often venturing towards London, Essex, East Anglia and the North.

Thomas says, “We hope to grow alongside our suppliers who we work closely with to ensure we can supply the best products at the best prices. I hope that one day my company will be a household name for our reliability and dedication to provide a great service, with Prysmian.”

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