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Powered by Prysmian: Queensferry Crossing nominated for Scotland Award

12 June 2019

The Queensferry Crossing, the longest and tallest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge in the world, links Edinburgh and Fife, stretching 1.7 miles over the mouth of the Firth of Forth.

Revolutionary Bridge

This revolutionary bridge makes use of 58,000 metres of steel wired armoured cable to bring electricity to street lighting along its edges. This year it was nominated for the RICS Scottish Project of The Year and has won in the Infrastructure category for Scotland.

The RICS Scotland Awards showcase the most inspirational initiatives and developments in construction and infrastructure, and celebrates the achievements of professionals and their positive impacts on local communities. The Queensferry Crossing was designed to co-exist with, and ease the pressure on the older Forth Road Bridge, which is now reserved for public transport, cyclists and pedestrians. Use of the two bridges together makes crossing via either one a safer, smoother process.

Construction contractors Corecut started work on the bridge in 2011, alongside electrical contractors Pegasus Power and Communications, who installed Prysmian cables on the landmark project.

Managing Director Douglas Campbell commented in our last interview with Pegasus: “We wanted to use a quality cable from a reputable manufacturer, and one who would get it to us on time, which is why we chose to work with Prysmian cables.”

Steel Wired Armoured Cable

A standard use cable for single-phase power distribution, the steel wired armoured cable installed features a distinctive coloured core, as required for lighting installations, while the outer sheath is notably purple, adhering to Scottish wiring regulations.

Sourcing an entire cable system from one manufacturer enabled to procurement process to be as straightforward as possible, and ensured that all cables used were designed to work together in an integrated system, to the same exacting standards.

Pinnacle of Design and Engineering

Considered a marvel of modern construction and the pinnacle of design and engineering, the Queensferry Crossing utilises the most up-to-date technology to ensure the build quality and safety. As Scotland’s largest infrastructure project for a generation, the bridge was also delivered at a cost 65% below the original budget, and is safeguarding invaluable transport connections.

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