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Electric Cable

Prysmian UK manufactures a wide range of electric cable products appropriate for building wire applications. Our electric cables include products suitable for all domestic wiring circuits found in a typical home.

Our meter tails cable (6181Y) are used to connect the electric meter to the consumer board. Twin and earth (6242Y) cables are used for both mains and lighting ring circuits, as well as for radial circuits connecting electric ovens and electric showers. Three core and earth (6243Y) cables are typically used as lighting cable for two-way switching of lighting circuits, such as in a hall and landing application. Our armoured cables (BS5467) are used to connect external outbuildings such as sheds and detached garages.

Check out how the 18th Edition will change work for electrical installers or watch our Facebook Live discussion on the updates.

Standard Power Cables

XLPE Insulated, PVC Sheathed Armoured Cables to BS 5467

For use in fixed installation in industrial wiring, mains distribution, auxiliary control and similar applications, where there is risk of mechanical damage and some form of protection is required. For more information download the cable sizes and cable ratings technical sheet.

XLPE Insulated, PVC Sheathed Unarmoured Cables to BS 7889

For use in domestic or light industrial installations where there is a minimal risk of damage from machinery. For more information download the cable sizes and cable ratings technical sheet.

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