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Student Placements

02 October 2017

What it’s like to work at Prysmian

Student placements are at the heart of Prysmian’s goal to enrich the communities we work with and operate within. Students are our link to the future and we sponsor a range of student-orientated initiatives to help enrich young people’s lives and give them the skills to thrive in today’s competitive market. Not only do we hope to benefit from the fresh perspective students offer the company, but we also hope they can benefit from their time with us and realise their potential in their chosen field.

Professional & Personal Development

Annie Cairns is one such example of a student who has been able to develop both professionally and on a personal level from Prysmian’s student placement program. For Annie Cairns, a Business Management and Marketing student at the University of Brighton, Prysmian’s student placement programme appealed because of the company’s high calibre and its global reach. Several positive reviews on the RateMyPlacement website were also decisive factors.


“I have built upon many key skills that I think are essential; one of which is my self-confidence,” said Annie. “I have been given a lot of responsibility within the department in terms of organising events and heading individual projects, which has increased my confidence in terms of decision making and voicing my opinion to those in a higher position. This has provided me with increased independence and knowledge to improve my performance for my future career.”

Set to graduate in the summer of 2018, Annie is now looking to secure a role focussed around business development and marketing in an organisation similar to Prysmian, having found the workplace culture at the company to be both welcoming and encouraging. “One of the best things about working at Prysmian is the large student culture throughout all departments. Due to the many students/apprentices at Prysmian there are many social opportunities including nights out which make you feel very welcome very quickly within the company.”

Real-World Experience in Industry

Student placements are a great opportunity to gain real-world experience in industry that can enhance the theoretical grounding you can gain at university or college. We currently have nineteen student placements at Prysmian across our Eastleigh, Wrexham and Chelmsford sites and across all areas of the business. From accountancy and marketing, to engineering and business development, there is a wealth of opportunity awaiting young people at Prysmian who are looking to gain the necessary skills to develop in their professional career.

“I think my time at Prysmian has exceeded my expectations,” Annie continues. “I was initially expecting to have little involvement with major projects although this presumption was quickly proven wrong. I have enjoyed a large amount of responsibility and have had a high level of involvement in current projects. My time at Prysmian has provided me with a clear insight into market strategy which I believe will benefit me in my final year modules and in my future career.”

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