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Where Prysmian Stands On CPR

31 July 2017

On 1st of July the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) will come into force and its introduction is welcomed by Prysmian. As a UK manufacturer of high quality cables we fully support the objective to remove poor quality cables from the UK market – a development which we believe will benefit everybody in the cable industry from manufacturers and distributors to wholesalers and installers.

Under the CPR all cables for permanent installation in buildings must be classified by their reaction to fire and tested to a universal performance standard. Fire resistant cables are currently excluded from the CPR.

It is very specific in its remit.  CPR relates only to the performance of cables in reaction to fire. It does not say how and where a particular product should be used and neither does it say what class of product should be used in any given circumstance.

To be CPR compliant a cable must to be accompanied by a Declaration of Performance (DoP) to show that its performance has been tested and certified by an independent testing house to comply with the relevant standards. It must also have a CPR-compliant CE mark.

For the first time therefore, there is a legal requirement for the cable to perform as it should and that performance is tested by an independent testing house. Other certification systems such as BS or BASEC standards verify the performance of the cables but they are voluntary codes and there is no legal requirement to use them.  

Under CPR it is the testing house that provides the manufacturer with the test results that allow the DoP statement to be issued, which allows a manufacturer to put a CPR label on the cable. Responsible manufacturers, such as Prysmian, have already taken on this responsibility.

We welcome the new rules because of their rigour and because the responsibility for the quality of cable supplied into the market no longer rests exclusively with the manufacturer. We now share that responsibility with the distributor and wholesaler and we believe that enforcing the CPR will not only benefit manufacturers, but the cable sector as a whole because it will help remove substandard cables from the market.

The CPR is a regulation that originated in the European Union but whatever the future of the European Union or the UK’s role within it, the CPR will survive because it is already enshrined in UK law.  Prysmian, alongside the majority of reputable manufacturers and suppliers, welcomes this fact.

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